• Podville Update


  • Pepper And Pepperer

    Yeah I’m a showoff… The square foot mentioned in the caption involves: 3 vegetables: Black Beauty eggplant, Sun Gold tomato, Mexico Midget tomato. 1 root: several Nantes carrots. 2 herbs: rosemary and basil (Thai. Lemon and Genovese). Microgreens: Bull’s Blood beets, mizuna, arugula, radishes, a couple of Oak Leaf lettuces, and probably more. Citrus: the …

  • Hot Cha Cha

    August 6th. Heat is unrelenting. I snapped some shots: The 4-plant canopy of Bhut Jolokia from the distance… The fence-on-a-fence we casually hung and which the melon vines quickly took over… Overhead grapes running along an improvised clothesline… This post’s for my GardenWeb buddies. Bhut Jolokia do just fine in aquaponics.  

  • Battling Ants ‘n’ Aphids, Non-chemically

    I bet y’all don’t have the same course of action I do for aphids. I don’t spray insecticidal soap like I did in the soil garden – there’s a small risk it will get down into the pond water eventually and any soap is not going to be fish-friendly as a rule. Definitely not a …